Dogs are social animals.

By walking and playing with other dogs, your dog will pick up social skills and, best of all, have lots of fun too. We have a fully enclosed, private field which all our friendly dogs love!! We have lots of space (1.5 Acres), a little stream and plenty of games ?

Exercise is key.

Dog walking with SpoiltRotten means regular exercise for your dog if you’re stuck in work or unavailable. We can:

  • Pick up your dog at a time that’s best for you
  • Collect and return your dog from and to your home
  • Give your dog regular exercise when you’re out at work
  • Supply toys, treats & poo bags!
  • Help make your dog play well with other dogs
  • Give your dog regular playtime with other dogs
  • Help your dog trust people and other dogs

“Friday the door goes and Hamish is so excited. It’s Heather! That means fun with my friends. Hamish loves routine and hates change in any form. Heather is wonderful with him, she is patient and loves the dogs she walks. I recommend this lovely lady to anyone who askes about dog training and walking”

Susie McMillan 10/12/19